Friday, May 1, 2009

Tickets on SALE TODAY!!!

Sorry, it has been a while.... Last week I wrote my best blog EVER. At least, I thought so. Apparently God did not agree with me. Right at the very end my entire computer SHUT DOWN! OMG I thought that Alisha was going to have to pick me up off the floor.
Now I have recovered by focusing on REAL LIFE issues. (Do you ever think this is like our secret lil' blog world? It is for sure my escape!)

I know that you are wondering what REAL LIFE issues I have been focusing on. It is getting a few things together for Ms. Bella Marie's BIG RAFFLE!!! Tickets go on Sale today!!!! Here is what M2 is giving...
This is on of our Favorite crosses. It has Mother Mary in the center with multi colored beads embellished around her. Ladies, have you ever thought about what an awesome person Mary was. Not only was she the mother of Jesus, but she watched her beloved son die for my shortcomings as well as yours. I can not even imagine.
Next up is a must have in ever girls closet! Do I really have to tell you much about this? What girl does not want a pink t-shirt with a chandelier on it? Need I say more?
Stayed tuned for more goodies that will be in the Bella Raffle..... Tickets are $10 each on
PeAce Out,


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David said...

Just surfing around trying to figure out what I won in the Bucks for Bella Raffle! It's neat that I won something from you after getting to meet you at the Poetry Community Day yard sale! The cross is awesome! If you will email me, I'll get you my shipping address. Thanks for your generous donation!