Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Junkers Paradise

That's right everybody! That is what we spend Presh's birthday doing-JUNKING!!! Can you think of a better way to spend your birthday. Okay, well maybe there is a few better ways to spend your birthday, but we didn't have time to get our passports!

Anywho, the day stared out good and progressively got better. We went here and there finding a few little odds and ends. Then we went to a little antique store that was on our way home. There we found a GREAT little garden ferris wheel. The next stop was the best stop of the day. Alisha said that she had been driving through town and saw some junk outside of this store and thought that it might be a thrift store of sorts.

Well, as we approached the place where she had previously scoped out some treasures there was a sign outside reading "Vergil's Electric". It looked like a store.
At least that is what we thought. As we pulled up we saw an older gentlemen on the telephone in the front window. When he saw us checking out the goods he came outside. He ask, "Can I help you ladies?" Alisha replies, "Well sir, we were wondering if this was a thrift store". Virgil (Well that is who I assume he is, but you know what happens when you assume) states, "No Hun, this is my house". Can you just say, AWKWARD! He did say that he was wanting to get rid of a few things and we could get out and look. Well, you know the rest.

We bailed out of the car like a coon dog on his first hunt. (Slobber and all!) Much to our surprise we had found a GOLD MINE!!! We went into his little work shop on the side of his "home", only after he told us that he was gonna tear it down. I believe that the angels in Heaven rejoiced at the great things that we found in there. Then as we scanned the shop Alisha said, "shut up" because that is always what she says when she is excited about a fab find, "check out those fixtures". They where!!! I said well, "ask Virg how much". Can you believe it. here we are at some man we never meets house and I am giving him a nickname. Alisha couldn't believe it either. She got so cracked up about it that she could not even ask.

Finally, she got it together and ask Virg"how much". He replied back with a great story about them coming out of and old church. We where in love! With the fixtures, not Virg. Needless to say they are property of M2 now along with a few other finds from "Vergil's Electric".

I will just put it this way. Alisha has third row seating and there was only room for the two of us! Oh, happy day! It was one GREAT junkin' day!


Trailer Trash said...

This is hilarious! Maybe Virg & Sally should hook up!

xoxo trailer trash

M Square said...

By the looks of Virg, Salley is much too fast!!! LOL

junkology said...

We had a similar experience when we took my mom junking around Hico, TX one year for her birthday. Ended up at some man's house (for junk!!)and had to go back the next day for seconds! It's so much fun to stumble upon hidden treasure. The clouds part and the angels sing!!

trash talk said...

OK, so where is the photos of the fixtures? Are you holding out on us?

M Square said...

No, Deb. Not holding out. Haven't had time yet. You know the M2 girls haven't got to trade in our scissors for full time junkin' YET!!! notice I said YET!!!

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Ha! Such a fun adventure and so well written, I thought I was in the garage with y'all and Virg! Congrats on the great day of junking. Can't wait to see the pics! ~Mindy

Angie said...

What a funny story.

delighted heart said...

Great story! Great junk! Great day! I want to see the chandeliers too! Have a great week!