Friday, April 24, 2009

"Bella" of the Ball

Hey everyone there is someone that M2 wants you to meet. She is a princess & a diva, but most of all she is the next up and coming "Junk Queen" of the world. Some of you may know her Trash Talking grandma or her Cat Daddy grandpa. Others of you may know her sweet mommy Jen from her blog the Apiary. Well, enough introduction, here she is..... Ms. Bella Marie...
Bella made here grand entrance into this world On Thursday March 12,2009 at 23 weeks & 5 days into Jen's pregnancy. Bella was born at 3:56pm weight just under 1lb & 10 inches long.. She is a fighter though. Today she weighs in at over 2lbs 5 oz. Go Bella! Go Bella!

So, in the true Junker spirit. All the junk sistas are uniting for to help lil' Bella & her wonderful family. Here is the scoop from Trailer Trash...
Junk Sistas Button (please share!)
Alright Sistas, I need your help! The super fabulous Theresa @ Garden Antqs Vintage and I are planning a Good Ol’ Fundraiser for Ms. Bella, the Granddaughter of that Trash Talkin' Debbie.
I am looking for some great Junk Sistas to donate items on their blogs.Here’s how it will work:
1. Please leave me a comment or e-mail me if you are interested in participating by April 26.
2. Write a brief description of the item or items that you wish to donate on April 29, 2009 then send me the link so that I can have the post ready to run on May 1.
3. Willing participants will have directions back to Trailer Trash blog to buy raffle tickets.
4. On June 1, 2009 I will use Random Org. to randomly draw names.
5. Once names are drawn, you will be given the name and contact information of the winner or winners to ship the items to them. PLEASE be aware that you are taking responsibility for shipping cost of the items.
6. On June 2, the total amount will be announce and given to the family.If you have ANY QUESTIONS, please e-mail me at
You can also email us at
If you can help please do. 2 Corinthians 9:7 says,"...for God loves a cheerful giver."
LoVe & Junk,