Saturday, March 28, 2009

No need for dental records....

Well, since our last blog I am sure that you thought that our bodies have decayed by now!!! That is not the case. Although, I do wish that we have been laying down and resting. Sadly, we have not. Alisha and I have both been on overdrive.

No need to explain why the holidays were so busy for us. You know how it is between November and December. Well, 2009 came and Alisha's crew went into full time swing with competition cheer! As, for my husband and me, we started a new FULL TIME project called the adoption process. Here we are and it is spring and Alisha's family is still burning up the pavement going to cheer competitions. And we are finishing up our adoption stuff.

We are making plans for some stuff in the spring and summer! I am hoping that this next weekend in a real inspiration for me! Then M2 can start whipping out new merchandise.

Next Thursday morning Big D ( that's my husband, not the town) will be heading out for Round Top, TX. We will be junking, networking, junking some more, and attending the Junk-O-Roma Prom!!! We can't wait! I love it!!!

Although, I am sad because the other part of M2 will not be in attendance with us! :( You know she is a DIE HARD cheer mom, and her baby girl will be trying out for her competition squad next weekend.

GO McKay!!!
Well, you will be seeing more of us now that we are refocusing. We hope that this year is bigger than Texas hair on Prom night! We can't wait to get started back! See lots more!