Friday, September 4, 2009

Where have all the Cowboys gone...

Or Misti & Alisha for that matter? Well, I have no idea where to start. It has been the biggest roller coaster ever since July 4th.

Starting with twins... That is right I said twins. David and I are officially foster parents & our very first placement was 2 month old twins straight out of the NICU. The Wednesday after Independence day I received a phone call at about 3:30 asking if we would take a set of infant twins. One boy & one girl. Of coarse I am a SUCKER for babies & I said yes. (I do need to tell you that our agency called often asking if we could take a baby or a toddler, so this was not unusual. they just normally try to place them in the same county that they are from.) But this day I felt different about it. When David came home at 4, I told him that I thought that we would be getting twins. Wow, what a welcome home! LOL At 4:15 I called back because I could not wait any longer to know & they said that we were the chosen foster parents.

I said," what does that mean?" The lady responded that we needed to be at the Baylor NICU Thursday evening to pick them up. I said, "No way am I waiting until tomorrow, I want to go see them tonight", and we did.

When we arrived to the hospital we checked in at the NICU desk & the buzzed us back. Then we had to scrub in before we entered the room. When we went in to see them for the first time they were PRECIOUS!!! He weighed 6 lbs & she weighed 4 lbs 15 oz. So tiny & so sweet.

That Thursday afternoon we returned to take them home. We did "the car seat test" and all the fun discharge stuff. The terrible part is they didn't let the lil' girl go home with us that night. She was not eating well & they wanted to monitor her through the weekend. My heart was so heavy for her. I hated leaving her there. I can not imagine how Jen felt with Bella staying there for months.

I did realize that it was better because I did not get to overwhelmed taking one home at a time. They where such a blessing to us. WE loved every minute that they were with us. they only stayed with us for a month, until a Great Aunt got approved through CPS to take them. I was HEART BROKE the day that they came to take them. Word can not express the sorrow I felt.

With out our faith and the love of the Lord Jesus Christ I do not know how I would have made it through.

Many of you know the reason that David & I went through the process of getting our foster license was to adopt a precious little girl that we fell in love with a church. We thought that was all coming to a head recently when a court date was set to determine her fate. A week after my sweet twins left i received a email stating that David & my home study was being returned for consideration of being Bugsy's(that is what we called our sweet girl)forever family. They had found another family for her. We have been having visits with her for almost a year at this point. Nothing seemed to make sense. All I could keep telling my self is "His ways are higher than my ways".

What was God's plan for us? We are still not 100% sure, but I know that he blessed us in the short time that we had the twins & the year we had with Bugsy. We do have a new foster baby & he is adorable! He came to us in the middle of the night & I tried not to love him, but he is too sweet! He was 5 weeks old when we got him & he will be two months this next week. Please pray for David & me. This is the hardest thing that we have ever done, but at the same time we just love it.

On another note... Alisha is in full swing being the mom of a high schooler! That is right her lil angel McKay is a Freshmen in high school this year. Since school started McKay has also had a birthday & started her drivers training! WATCH OUT WORLD MCKAY is behind the wheel!!! As well as CHEERLEADING CHEERLEADING CHEERLEADING!!! That keeps Alisha running the rubber off of her tires form practice to practice.

We are not going to be doing Round Top this Fall due to many factors, but we will be in Canton for the months of Oct, Nov, & Dec. We are also having a big barn sale with multiple vendors in mid October.(More info to come...)

We have missed all our blog friends & it sure fills good to be back in the saddle!!!