Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Spot Light on our Jr. Junker

Everyone please stop by and leave a congrats to "Big Girl McKaylei" ( that is what my 6 year old likes to call her). The results are in and she has mad Level 5 Jr. Co-ed Team at Spirit of Texas!!!!! McKaylei has worked very hard to achieve this and it has paid off!

Not only does McKaylei love competition cheer, but she loves fashion and creating from trash to treasure art! Well, she comes by that honest! You can look for the local celebrity in Warrenton in the Fall. We are sure that she will make star status there too! She may even have some of here on creation for sale. So, If you are in the Warrenton/ Round Top area for antiques week look here up for her autograph! She is SURE to be VERY famous one day!


Trailer Trash said...

Way to go McKaylei!
My oldest daughter did competitive cheer for 6 years and it takes alot of hard work and dedication. I am so glad to here that you have a love for junk also, see you in Warrington!

trash talk said...

Gimmee a M..M!
Gimmee a C..C!
Well, you know the rest. Let's all do a flip for McKaylei...way to go!
P.S. I think I just broke my hip!