Monday, May 4, 2009

The swine flu...

Just exactly what is it? I am not really sure... If anyone knows could you please let me in on it.
I do know this ... M2 is in full swing and we are junk and creating! We do need to get the bug to motivate us a little more. The coffee bug that is! Isn't this thing just I LOVE IT! I saw it in Warrenton and just feel in love with it!

Alisha and I love a lot of the same things and one of them is COFFEE!!! When we are doing a show we just cant live without! That is why I am thinking that this will be one of our main hang outs in the fall. That is right ladies and Cat Daddy. M2 is on the band wagon! WE ARE GONNA BE SET UP AT ANTIQUE WEEK IN THE FALL! We are busting at the seams with excitement. We hope you will be too!

Peace, Junk & Coffee!

Misti & Alisha


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

This is great news. Where will you be? I hope it's Zapp Hall :)

trash talk said...

So what's the skinny on where? Give girl, you didn't tell me that!!! Debbie

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

I only know you via Junk Sistas, but I must say, I am sooo excited for you! I am setting up at Zapp in the fall (first time) and I'm psyched. You must be, too! Where ya gonna be? ~Mindy